Bespoke Fitness Package

After twenty years of providing bespoke mentoring, fitness and nutrition advice, our CEO, Steve Halsall, developed our exciting Bespoke Fitness Retreat. We recommend this retreat to any fitness focused family, friends or individual looking to take their mental and physical health to the next level. We design training sessions to match your fitness goals, body type and experience so you can push yourself to achieve your personal fitness goals.  


Example of a typical day

We have included an example of a typical morning and afternoon with us on our bespoke fitness retreat. Due to the bespoke nature of these retreats each experience will be different for each person so we have used an example guest. Our example guest is a female who exercises in the gym twice a week, goes to yoga once a week and eats a relatively healthy diet with treats at the weekend and a glass of red wine every night. She would like to do more yoga and something to help her lose weight. 

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0730 - Hydration to kick start the metabolism

0745 - Yoga to stretch and awake 

0800 - Brisk Beach Walk of fasted cardio

0900 - Breakfast on the beach to rest and enjoy

1000 - Gym Session to learn basic free weights and correct technique 

1130 - Detox Shake to cleanse the body 

1230 - Light Lunch to refuel and nourish 



1430 - Yoga to exhilarate and stretch 

1530 - Gym Session of light cardio and core

1630 - Protein Shake to aid muscle recovery

1730 - Massage to deeply relax and recover

1800 - Meditation to reduce stress and relax

1900 - Dinner with light nutritious choices