Mindfulness Retreat

Transform your life forever with five meditative days on retreat. We will guide you through sitting, standing and walking meditation with a view to clear the mind and re-address your life goals. Enjoy a digital detox, take time to view the ocean and feel your feet in the sand. All we have is the present moment.

standing beach meditation


We have included an example of a typical morning and afternoon with us on our mindfulness retreat. We look after every detail so you don't have to. We always cater for individual food requirements and will design your nutrition during the retreat to allow you to focus on yourself and nothing else

beach woman relaxation


0730 - Beach Walk to awaken the mind and body

0800 - Standing Meditation on the beach

0830 - Breakfast on the beach to rest and enjoy

1100 - Yoga to release tension and stretch 

1230 - Light Lunch to nourish the body

man beach meditating


1330 - Gym Session to improve core strength

1430 - Meditation lying down meditation

1630 - Massage to improve wellbeing

1730 - Hydrotherapy to improve circulation

1900 - Dinner with light nutritious choices