Spa Fitness Package

This package is our most popular retreat. You can expect to enjoy five full days of exercise and excellent nutrition.  We offer an optional detox plan, as part of our fitness package, three days before you begin the retreat. This enables your body and mind to prepare and cleanse for the wonderful journey ahead. It's a journey of self-discovery and exhilaration, leaving you feeling deeply rewarded after each day.


Example of a typical day

We have included an example of a typical morning and afternoon with us on our spa fitness retreat. We look after every detail so you don't have to. We always cater for individual food requirements and will design your nutrition during the retreat to help burn fat, boost metabolism and make you feel amazing. 



0730 - Hydration to kick start the metabolism

0745 - Beach Walk to awaken the mind and body

0800 - Exercise Session of fasted cardio

0900 - Breakfast on the beach to rest and enjoy

1130 - Detox Shake to cleanse the body 

1245 - Spa and Stretch to increase flexibility 




1330 - High Protein Lunch to refuel and nourish

1630 - Gym Session of core work and free weights

1720 - Protein Shake to aid muscle recovery

1730 - Massage to deeply relax and recover

1800 - Hydrotherapy to deeply relax and recover

2000 - Dinner with light nutritious choices