"I have attended at least 6 retreats run by Steve and the team at the superb La Manga resort in Spain. The 4 day retreats have the perfect mix of morning beach runs, gym sessions, outdoor yoga sessions, superb nutritious meals and space for your own downtime. There is also the option of hill walks and cycle expeditions. The hallmark of the trips are the excellent individual attention paid to each persons goals and preferences. 4 days at this retreat is equivalent of a 2 week break anywhere else! Combine with the superb spa and massage facilities at the La Manga resort and you can't beat it! A special mention to Paula, the yoga coach, whose sessions are the best I have ever done."

"I am not an outdoorsy or sporty person and hope it does not stop you from continuing reading this testimonial. Steve has been my personal trainer for a couple of years and has always told me how a week in Spain would change my mind about meaningful time off with a journey of self-discovery. I spent a week in La Manga and it could not have been a better trip. To this day, I remember jogging on the sand in the mornings, riding bikes along the coast and exercising 3 times a day. I would highly recommend. Unforgettable!"